Where Imagination Comes to Life

A Learning Center is a place where children move around freely as they explore their different interests. Through these various activity centers, children learn to express their creativity and individuality. They are encouraged to trust their own judgements and thoughts—and are free to make mistakes as they learn through play.

Dramatic Play Center

At the Dramatic Play Center, children enhance their imagination and creativity through make-believe situations and roles. Imitating the work, feelings, words, and environments of people they know also improves their expressive language and social skills.

Math Center

With all the puzzles, Legos, lacing cards, and scales at the Math Center, children have many opportunities to develop awareness of concepts like size, shape, color, number, location, and weight. From a young age, children will begin to understand that parts make up a whole.

Story and Music Time

Story and Music Time is a fun way to incorporate language development with physical movement. While children sing and dance, they are learning new language patterns and vocabulary, differentiating among sounds, and gaining memory skills.

Art Center

The Art Center is where children develop their creativity and imagination by exploring the concepts of size, shape, color, texture, and position. Experimenting with brushes and crayons strengthens their pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

Sensory Center

The sights, sounds, and textures at the Sensory Center introduce children to soothing techniques for releasing tension. Manipulating different materials helps to build their fine motor skills, and the stories they create about these fun objects grows their imagination and vocabulary.

Block Center

Fine and gross motor skills as well as problem-solving skills are strengthened at the Block Center. By working together to build structures, children improve their hand-eye coordination and explore sizes, shapes, and spatial relationships.